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Media Productions provides an event signup system that allows ACES departments to create online signup sheets or registrations for their events. Fill out the information below to request a form.

Currently, only NMSU ACES employees can request forms. If you have any questions, please contact the college webmaster.

Form manager

Who will be the "point person" for this form? This person is who we are going to work with to provide data from this form, contact with issues, or refer people who have questions about the event to. This person must be a college employee.

If people have questions, this is the person we will tell them to contact.
This should be the email address of the person listed above.
You will need access to this email to activate the form.
This should be the phone number of the person listed above.
This is the number we will call if there are problems with your form or if we have questions about constructing it.
Event name and information

Please provide us the information about your actual event.

This will be the name shown for the event on the form.
Example: "Taos Chile Grower's Roundtable"
The time and date for your event. This will be shown verbatim to the user. Example: "Wednesday, February 1st, 2012 from 3:30-5:00pm"
The location of your event. Be sure to include the town/city. Example: "Dickerson's Barn, Las Cruces, NM"
If your event already has a web site, enter its URL here. Example: ""
This is a text blurb about your event. Try to keep it to a few sentences or less. (We may have to rewrite to get it to fit structurally with the page.)
If you need to tell your registrants something after they register, such as cautions about limited seating, contact info for follow-up questions, etc., include it here. (We may have to rewrite to get it to fit structurally with the page.)
Limited Space

You will have the ability to turn your form off and on using a handy web interface. But if you have limited seating, this may not be enough. How do you want us to handle registrations?

  I will manage it manually.
  Auto-close the form when people have registered.
  After people have registered, put subsequent registrants on a waiting list.
ADA Compliance

In order to comply with ADA regulations, you will need to have someone act as a point of contact for accessibility concerns of your guests. That person will need to provide a phone number, and a date by which accommodation requests must be submitted by.

Registrants should contact the facilitator by with any accessibility requests.
This description is flexible. You can specify something like, "10 days before" or you can specify a specific date, like "June 18th". We suggest "two weeks before", to give you time to secure a sign language interpreter or other accommodation if necessary.
Other options

Unless you tell us otherwise, we only collect the name and email from your registrants. To collect other information, tell us what else you need to know. (But keep it small. No one likes long forms.)

Should we require the user to provide an email address?
(Note that we cannot prevent people from entering bogus email addresses, and some form functionality, such as notifying people on waiting lists when spots open up, will not be supported if emails are not required.)
Non-human filter

We have had trouble with spammers lately. Please prove that you are a human.

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